Teddy Fabric Effect Design 3D Silicone Mould


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Teddy Fabric Effect Design 3D Silicone Mould.

How cute is this Teddy Bear, he is adorable with his hand crafted, hand stitched design.

Temperature rating -40 to +280 Centigrade.

Mould size 8.5 x 8.5 x 9cm approximately.

Food grade silicone.

Colour sent at random.

If using the mould to create candles a hole will need to be pierced for the wick.

Some moulds require an incision to be made down one side of the mould to ease the extraction of the finished product. The mould can then be held together using either elastic bands or sticky tape. Some moulds are supplied with the incision already made.

fabric bear 1b fabric style bear 1a

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