Pure & Unrefined Whipped Shea Butter Deli Pot 1000ml


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Pure & unrefined whipped shea butter deli pot 1000ml

Whipped shea butter is an intensive moisturising body butter for all skin types, including skin over exposed to sun, cold & windy weather conditions.

Our shea butter is 100% pure, unrefined & has been grown, harvested according to organic & fair trade principles in Ghana.

When shea butter is in solid form the colour is a creamy yellowy colour – this colour can vary in depth from batch to batch & this variation in colour can affect the colour when whipped. It lightens considerably when whipped & can look whiteish, be assured this is just a natural occurrence (similar to whipping egg whites).

Whipped shea is lighter in texture than the chunks & once whipped & poured into jars, the shea sets & returns to a ‘solid’ state – (if you tip the jar upside down, usually it will not drip out but remain in the container.

To use:

Simply scoop a little of the shea from the jar with fingertips & melt in the palm of the hands to melt & then glide across the skin.

African women have been using this wonderful natural skin care product to heal & nuture the skin & hair for centuries.

Common uses for shea butter

Sensitive & dry skin moisturiser
Shaving cream
Stretch Mark Prevention
Massage cream/oil
Soothe skin rashes
Re-hydrate dry skin
Soften rough patches of skin (heels, knees & elbows)
Hair softener & conditioner
Shea butter has a natural nutty/ashy type aroma – it is not to everyone’s taste but this is the correct aroma of unrefined shea butter.

Our fragranced whipped shea body butters disguise this aroma wonderfully & allows you to continue to enjoy the natural goodness of this fabulous product with a fragrance you like.

Ingredients: Shea butter – nothing else is added

Please note – This shea does have the distinctive shea aroma, it is a sign that the shea is natural, 100% pure, not chemically refined & that the shea has had nothing added to it.
Yes, the smell when you receive it is correct – so please before purchasing be sure that this product is what you require (i’ve had quite a lot of people insisting on the shea being 100% pure & unrefined but then questioning the aroma)
If you want no aroma then you will be requiring refined shea, no unrefined shea will be unfragranced.
The shea when whipped is also pretty solid – it returns back to its natural state but softer than before whipped, it melts upon contact with the skin.

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