Ellery the Elephant 3D Silicone Mould


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Ellery the Elephant 3D Silicone Mould.

Finished product size 6.6 x 4.5 x 6.6 cm approximately.

Finished product weight 40g approximately

* freezer safe

* Reusable,Non-stick,Easy to use,Easy to clean

* Suitable for ice-cream mold / chocolate mold / jelly mold,etc.

* Temperature: -40°F to+446°F (-40°C to+230°C)

Do not use in an oven

Food grade silicone.

If using to create candles a hole will need to be pierced for the wick.

For some crafts you may need to make an incision down one side of the mould to make it easier to extract the finished product from the mould. The mould can then be held together using an elastic band or tape.

elephant 1a elephant 1b elephant 1c

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